Reduce Alcohol Abuse

According to a report by the McDowell Group, “The economic costs of alcohol abuse in Alaska total billions of dollars each year. Costs to society include increased health care costs, increased criminal justice system costs, lost or reduced workplace productivity, greater spending on public assistance and social services, and a range of other impacts. The misuse of alcohol also has a wide range of intangible costs, in terms of diminished quality of life, pain and suffering of crime victims and others, and a spectrum of additional qualitative costs. While several measures of these types of costs are described in this report, calculating the full extent of intangible human costs resulting from alcohol abuse (such as pain, suffering, and bereavement) is beyond the scope of this study."

Systems Work

Recover Alaska

The Mat-Su Health Foundation actively sponsors and participates in Recover Alaska, a partnership of organizations and individuals dedicated to reducing the harm associated with alcohol abuse as well as connecting those who need treatment with information to get the help they need. The vision of Recover Alaska is that Alaskans live free from the consequences of alcohol abuse, so we are empowered to achieve our full potential.

Connect Mat-Su

The Connect Mat-Su Community Resource Center Network, developed and funded by the Mat-Su Health Foundation, offers all Mat-Su residents information about substance abuse treatments options.

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