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AmeriCorps Positions Supporting R.O.C.K. Mat-Su ("Raising Our Children with Kindness")

Note: The following is an AmeriCorps position supporting R.O.C.K. Mat-Su; the individual  hired will be an employee of AmeriCorps, not of the Mat-Su Health Foundation

Trauma Sensitive Schools Coordinator
R.O.C.K. Mat-Su seeks a full-time Trauma Sensitive Schools Coordinator through AmeriCorps. You do not need to be a current volunteer but would need to become an AmeriCorps member if selected. R.O.C.K. Mat-Su vision for the AmeriCorps volunteer’s duties include:
•Serve as a resource to schools, central offices, agencies, advocates, parents and students facilitating trauma-informed practices
•Follow-up with school cohorts who have or are currently working with the National Council for Behavioral Health (NCBH) to determine schools progress and needs
•Work with administrative district and school leadership staff to ensure that policies and procedures reflect an understanding of the role of trauma in student behaviors
•Survey staff from NCBH school cohorts to identify areas of interest for training opportunities
•Coordinate with MSBSD staff to organize training opportunities
•Organize information sharing sessions for NCBH school cohorts to share what is working well and brainstorm solutions for challenges
•Convene groups of students (both formally and informally) to increase understanding of opportunities and challenges arising from implementing the trauma-sensitive school model
•Assist MSBSD staff in ongoing evaluation efforts for schools in both cohorts
•Assist MSBSD staff in supporting trauma sensitive schools as needed

Pay and benefits offered by AmeriCorps include the folowing: Monthly stipend ($1,550), relocation (up to $600), health benefits, child care assistance, and Education Award upon completion ($5,815). To learn more and apply, click here.