Mat-Su Health Foundation 04

North America Outdoor Institute

Date Awarded: April 2009 and earlier

$ 45,000
Focus Area:
Healthy Foundations for Families
Funding Program:
Healthy Impact
Grantee Website:

PURPOSE: 1. Create (1 5-20) long-term jobs in administration, instruction, support and student fl interns who will research, develop and deliver training programs to Mat-Su youth. 2. Train a team of approximately (12) Mat-Su instructors to deliver the State of Alaska Division of Parks NAOI outdoor safety programs to after-school and summer students 10-18 years old who are most at-risk for obesity, delinquency and outdoor accidents. 3. Reduce the incidence of outdoor accidents, delinquency and obesity among Mat-Su youth through interactive educational programs delivered by student interns and 0b professional educators.

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