Mat-Su Health Foundation 05

Palmer Economic Development Authority

Date Awarded: January 2009 and earlier

$ 35,500
Focus Area:
Healthy Foundations for Families
Funding Program:
Healthy Impact
Grantee Website:

PURPOSE: For 2008 we wish to further enhance our healthy living campaign and will create an evenUactivity for each of the 14 Friday Fling Markets. We will repeat the two artist promotions -giving out the veggies and receiving them back, Palmer Walk-About, and the pea giveaway. In addition we plan to coordinate with �Spring Creek Farm to promote organic gardening � Master Gardeners Association to promote herbs �Cooperative Extension to promote canning, freezing and smoking �We will also look for a partner to teach foraging techniques � Job Corps on the Salmon Giveaway � MSRMC Nutrition Department on a juicing demonstration and veggie uses � Rotary or other club to teach GPS Gee-caching in downtown Palmer �Alaska Club on physical activity event �The Arctic Bike Club- Tune-up 101 for Bikes

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