Mat-Su Health Foundation 10

Willow Elementary PTA

Date Awarded: September 2009 and earlier

$ 12,797
Focus Area:
Healthy Foundations for Families
Funding Program:
Healthy Impact
Grantee Website:

PURPOSE: Fall Soccer Program- The program will aid children interested through physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, agility, problem solving, among other things that will help them in the future. Based on SO students 2-3 days/week for 6 weeks, it would be for K-6th grade and will cost $171 pet child. Winter Gymnastics Program - Winter Gymnastics would consist of an 8 week program run by Excel Gymnastics. gymnastics is great for improving flexibility, strength and health. It would be easy for children in the program to practice anywhere, making it perfect for children with limited means in. the winter. This would cost of$161 per student based on a 50 student class. That cost includes the cost of a manager, coach, equipment rental, program supplies, busing, T -shirts, and ribbons. Three family night events based on 30 families participating: Fall Healthy Family Fitness Challenge Kickoff- Have healthy snacks and give away pedometers for use during the challenge. Make a goal as a group, and as a family for the year to be tracked and measured and revisited in the spring at Challenge close night Winter Healthy Family Meal Planning Night- With a Ratatoille theme, we could provide a healthy meal and movie, with meal planning lessons by registered dietici__ cookbooks for a giveaway, and Challenge updates. Spring Healthy Family Fitness Challenge Close - Revisit the goals of each family and as a group, allow students opportunity to create art that depicts their goals being met, write about what it means to them, have a contest for these .items and award prizes. Tally goals and award prizes to winners.

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