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The Mat-Su Health Foundation (MSHF) awards Academic Scholarships and Vocational Scholarships to residents of the Mat-Su Borough interested in pursuing health-related careers and nonprofit management careers.

Vocational Scholarships

Mat-Su Health Foundation Vocational Scholarships help pay for vocational training and certificate programs in health and wellness or nonprofit management career fields.  Many of the fastest-growing jobs in Alaska are in health care, and with the right training, Mat-Su residents can seize these opportunities.

Some examples of the types of career training we help pay for include: medical and dental assistants, personal care aides, lab technicians, medical office personnel, mental health technicians, phlebotomists, radiology technicians, massage therapists, and EMTs.

Applications for Vocational Scholarships are accepted year-round and require an essay of 250 words or less that demonstrates interest in a health or nonprofit field that matches the workforce needs of the Mat-Su Borough. The number of scholarships given each year and the amount of each award varies.

To apply for a Vocational Scholarship, please review the scholarship eligibility requirements below, and then fill out the online application linked here

 If you have already started and/or submitted an application and need to log back in or submit an enrollment verification, click here.

MSHF Scholarship eligibility requirements include the following:

  • United States citizenship.
  • Mat-Su Borough residency for minimum of one year (current to application).
  • Eligible for the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.
  • Minimum half-time student status at an accredited college, university, or medical training program.
  • Selection of a health care or nonprofit management career choice that matches the workforce needs of providers in the Mat-Su Borough.
  • Interest in the fields of health care or nonprofit management as demonstrated by the applicant's responses to questions posed in the application.
  • For academic scholarships only: successful completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid - FAFSA. The FAFSA is not required for Vocational Scholarship applicants.
  • GPA: There is no minimum GPA for first time applicants. For returning awardees a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 is required. Returning awardees must provide an official transcript for no less than one complete year. If they have not completed a full year at time of application, they must provide college transcripts for any college courses they have completed plus their high school transcripts.

Disqualified Applicants For All MSHF Scholarships:

Individuals disqualified from applying for a MSHF Scholarship include the following:
  • MSHF directors, officers, employees and members of the Scholarship Committee, and their family members.
  • Mat-Su Regional Medical Center Board of Directors members and their family members.
  • Mat-Su Regional Board of Trustee Members and their family members.
(Family members of a disqualified person include a disqualified person's spouse, brothers or sisters (whether by whole or half-blood), spouses of brothers or sisters (whether by whole or half-blood) and their children by whole or half blood or by adoption, ancestors, children (including a legally adopted child), grandchildren, great grandchildren, and spouses of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren (whether by whole or half-blood).

Academic Scholarships

The MSHF Academic Scholarship program will open on January 1, 2018.

Mat-Su Health Foundation academic scholarships help defray the cost of higher education in degree programs that emphasize health or wellness, including mental health and substance abuse. Scholarships are also available for pursuit of degrees in nonprofit management.

Awards for traditional MSHF academic scholarships are based on each applicant’s stated career goal and financial need as demonstrated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The maximum amount awarded per student for these scholarships is $20,000.

Awards for Mat-Su Scholars Awarda,are also based on the applicant’s stated career goal, but not on financial need. Mat-Su Scholars Awards require an essay and interview as part of the online application process and may be for as much as $10,000 each for up to six applicants who meet specific criteria:

  • Current High School Students: The Annie Demming Scholarship is reserved for a promising student currently enrolled in high school and planning to attend college. Demming was a part-time nurse at Valley Hospital and later the head of its medical records department. She served in that role until her retirement in 1987.
  • Behavioral Health Major: The Vivian "Babe" Shaver Scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing a degree in behavioral health. Shaver was employed at Valley Hospital as an environmental services worker for many years.
  • Graduate-Level Applicants: The Ya Ne Dah Ah /K’tl’egh’i Sukdu Scholarship will be awarded to a graduate-level student. The Ya Ne Dah Ah /K’tl’egh’i Sukdu scholarship was created to honor Alaska Native traditions and culture in the Mat-Su. Ya Ne Dah Ah / K’tl’egh’i Sukdu loosely translates as “ancient stories/remaining stories of our people.” Ya Ne Dah Ah is Ahtna and K’tl’egh’i Sukdu is Dena’ina.
  • Hospital Administration: The George V. Larson, III Scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing a degree in hospital administration or non-profit management. Larson, former CEO of Valley Hospital Association, was known for his deep humility, care for employees, and servant leadership. He explored ways to finance a new hospital for Mat-Su. He cemented a capital partnership that enabled Mat-Su Regional Medical Center to be built, changing the landscape of health care in Mat-Su forever.
  • Physician Assistant: The Jessica Stevens Scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing a physician assistant degree. Stevens was the CEO of Sunshine Clinic and worked tirelessly for 14 years to improve health care in the Upper Su. Her efforts transformed a single-provider clinic into a federally qualified community health center with a staff of 40 housed in a new, state-of-the-art facility.
  • Nursing: The Darlene Reed Scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing a degree in nursing. Reed was a long time public health nurse in Palmer and was instrumental in the early years of the Mat-Su Agency Partnership and many other community initiatives.

How to Apply:

All scholarship applications are submitted online. Applications for vocational scholarships are accepted year-round.

 To apply for a Vocational Scholarship:

To apply for an Academic Scholarship:

  • The next application period of MSHF Academic Scholarships is January 1, 2018 - February 28, 2018. A link to the online application will be available here when the program opens..

Questions?  Please visit our FAQ page.

For additional assistance, you may contact an MSHF staff member:

For questions about Vocational Scholarships, contact Vandana Ingle at

For questions about Academic Scholarships, contact Vickie Reese at