Grantee Portal FAQs

Mat-Su Health Foundation Grants Management team has created this list of frequently asked questions to help grant seekers troubleshoot common inquiries we receive regarding our grantee portal.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?

A: If you have any questions not addressed within this FAQ sheet or need technical support accessing the Portal, please contact the Grants Management team at

Your feedback and suggestions for improvement of this guide are invaluable; we encourage you to provide input by contacting Grants Management at the email above. Thank you!

Q: How do I create an account?

A: If you have never used the grantee portal before, please use the ‘create an account’ button to register as a user. You will then receive an email inviting you to set up your account from GivingData ( The link will expire after 30 days, if registration is not completed before expiration, contact us to have the account activation invite resent.

The portal can be accessed at any time via the grant portal login page here.

Portal users can be associated with more than one organization, so separate accounts for each organization you work with are not needed. If you are associated with multiple organizations, once you’ve logged in you will be able to select the organization you want to access. Please do not share your login information with anyone, each member of your organization should register their email address.

Q: How do I navigate through the portal?

A: Once you’ve logged in, you will have four categories to choose from:

  • Active Applications: Applications you have in progress or have been invited to complete will be available here.
  • Active Grants: Applications that have been approved will be available here. From this tab, you can navigate to payment schedules, project details, past forms, and upcoming reports/submissions associated with grants you currently have within our system.
  • Closed Grants: Once all payments and requirements for an active grant are complete, it will live in this tab where you can view historical documents and other information regarding past grants.
  • Declined Applications: Applications that have been submitted to MSHF for review but were declined or withdrawn can be found here.

Note: If you would like to start a new application, please visit our grants overview page or each individual grant type page for the grant type you’d like to apply for and to access the application link.

Q: What if my application/report area(s) are incomplete and I am unable to submit?

A: If an application or report requires demographic information, please be sure your totals equal 100%. Please contact the Grants Management team with questions at 907-352-4409 if there are still incomplete areas.

Q: I am getting an error when logging into my Portal account. What do I do?

A: If you forget your password or receive an error message for “invalid username or password”, you can reset it from the login page by clicking “forgot your password?”

If you do not receive the email after clicking “forgot your password?” please verify the email you’re using to login is the email you set your account up with.

Q: I cannot find the organization I need to access in my Portal account. What do I do?

A: If you need to be associated with more than one organization, please contact the Grants Management team at or 907-352-4409 to confirm your portal permissions are set up to allow access.

Q: How do I update my contact information?

A: Users can update their contact information within their portal accounts by accessing the “Org Updates” form. Please contact the Grants Management team at if you do not see the form in your portal.

Q: How do I make edits to my application after I have submitted it?

A: Please contact the Grants Management team at or 907-352-4409 for assistance updating your submitted application. Additional documents can always be emailed to Grants Management to be tied to your request after submission.

Q How do I sign a Grant Agreement?

A: Please note that grant agreements are required for all approved Healthy Impact, Discovery, Target Wellness, and Strategic Grants.

Once approved, the Grants Management team will send the grant agreement to the CEO/Executive Director or person legally authorized to sign binding agreements for your organization via DocuSign for signature – you will not find your grant agreement in your grantee portal.

Upon receipt of the signed grant agreement, we will send a signed copy for your records and then begin processing payment.

Q: How do I submit a report or requirement for an active grant?

A: Email invitations are regularly sent out with direct links to reports and requirements with upcoming due dates.

All reports and requirements can also be accessed within your portal account, under the “Active Grants” tab. Open the grant you would like to submit a report or requirement for and navigate to the “Reports & Submissions” tab to find the report or requirement that needs to be completed.

Q: What common documents are required?

A: For requests exceeding $50,000, our Finance team will complete a financial review so that we can provide organizational health information to the MSHF program/board committee members for review. The following documents are needed, in PDF format:

  • Most recent fiscal year audit – If your most recent fiscal year’s audit is available, we ask that you upload a copy.

Or, if an audit is unavailable, please submit the following four documents:

  • Balance sheet – Should show organization’s assets, liabilities, and equity. These can be uploaded for current and prior year financial statement documents. Current and prior year refer to your organization’s fiscal year, not the calendar year.
  • Current year/prior year budget – Current and prior year refer to your organization’s fiscal year, not the calendar year.
  • Current year/prior year budget to actual – Current and prior year refer to your organization’s fiscal year, not the calendar year. These documents should show your budgeted expenses vs. actual expenses for both your organization’s prior and current years.
  • Project Budget: should reflect the total budget for your project. Budgets can be created using the free template embedded into the application or by uploading an already existing budget document. We accept all file types (jpg., png., xls., etc.).