Target Wellness Grants

Target Wellness Grants

Target Wellness grants are for projects up to and including $15,000 which improve the health and wellness of people living in the Mat-Su Borough. We accept Target Wellness grant requests continuously throughout the year. Before applying, please review our grant guidelines for information about what the Mat-Su Health Foundation does and does not fund.


How to Apply for Target Wellness Grants

Grant applications must be submitted online at this link.

You will need the following information to complete the application:

  1. Organization’s Tax I. D. Number
  2. Organization’s Legal Name and Address
  3. Organization Also Known As (if applicable).
  4. Phone, Fax, Email Address, Website address
  5. Organization Type, i.e., nonprofit, city government, etc.
  6. Organization’s Primary Contact Information
  7. Project Title, Request Amount, Project Budget, Term
  8. Project Start Date and End Date
  9. Project Description, Statement of Need
  10. Target Population, Community Support
  11. Sources of Revenue
  12. Acknowledgement: Describe how you will generate positive public relations for Mat-Su Health Foundation if you are awarded this grant.
  13. Project Budget: Please provide a project budget

If you start a Target Wellness grant application and then need to finish it later or make changes, click here. Enter your email and password, and you will have access to all grants associated with your email address. You will also submit required progress reports online through the same link.

If you have any questions about the application process, please send an email