The Mat-Su Health Foundation offers sponsorships of up to $2,500 to local community organizations for events related to health and wellness that benefit residents of the Mat-Su. Funding may be approved for the following:

  • Events that promote health, wellness or positive social connection for Mat-Su residents.
  • Events that raise funds for health/wellness-focused organization.


How to Apply

All requests for sponsorship must be submitted online via the application linked here.


Sponsorship applications are evaluated against several criteria. These have been developed to ensure that MSHF establishes sponsorship relationships that benefit the partnering organization, the community, and the foundation. Applications are evaluated for:

  • Community benefit.
  • Potential for long-term, sustainable partnerships.
  • Measurable, positive outcomes.
  • The requesting organization’s demonstrated experience in running successful events.
  • Positive exposure consistent with the Mat-Su Health Foundation’s mission, vision and values.
  • The opportunity to increase awareness of the Mat-Su Health Foundation and its mission.
  • Special note regarding community health fairs: requests for financial support of health fairs should be submitted online via the Target Wellness grant program, NOT via the sponsorship program.


Sponsorship funds are not available for the following:

  • Individuals.
  • For-profit organizations.
  • Competitive sporting clubs.
  • Events with a major purpose of supporting candidates for political or appointed office.
  • Events or organizations that discriminate against persons by reason of race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation/identity, national origin, or political orientation.
  • Events that fund operations and services of Mat-Su Regional Medical Center.
  • Faith-based events for non-secular purposes.
  • Events that benefit private clubs, fraternities or sororities.
  • Events sponsored by the alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarette, vaping or marijuana industries.