Alzheimers Disease Resource Agency Of Alaska Inc

Date Awarded: September 2009 and earlier

$ 14,000
Focus Area:
Healthy Aging
Funding Program:
Healthy Impact
Grantee Website:

PURPOSE: Phase One of the plan includes the following infrastructure change: � Complete realignment of server services and purchase of new software, � Addition of second server for remote WTS sessions, � Decommission outdated equipment and replace with new workstations (including thin client devises where possible), � Standardize PC operating system and software builds � Replace current anti-virus software � Replace POP email service with MS Exchange server Phase two of the plan implements the software database. The first step of that effort is to purchase and implement an integrated client database for all of our programs. We have mapped out our agency processes to determine where business processes intersect with separate software systems and databases and to look for inefficiencies and redundancy. We have also used the complete process map set to determine the proposed system's data and functional requirements. We are in the process of reviewing client management software packages to determine which product best addresses our data and functional requirements. We have preliminarily chosen Elements VISTA software system as our primary system of record, along with additional functional modules.

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