Meet MSHF Scholarship Recipient Elise Porterfield

Elise is attending the University of Alaska Anchorage to complete a Bachelor of Science in dietetics with plans to graduate in 2023. She plans to continue her education and pursue either a Master of Science in dietetics and nutrition or Master of Public of Health program to be able to take the Registered Dietitian Examination. Elise says that while location was a factor in choosing her current program, the instructors are so dedicated to their students and are encouraging resources that make her excited to enter this field that she feels deserves more recognition. Of her post-grad plans, Elise says, “I have many ideas, but I hope to start my career in community nutrition where people see the most disparities and need the most help as access to nutrition can be a key preventative measure towards good health. I have plans to pursue other educational opportunities to be Board Certified in Obesity and Weight Management and Pediatric Nutrition and I’m researching new certifications in Culinary Medicine.”

Her best tip for others pursuing their educations? Elise says, “I’ve learned as an older student not to be a perfectionist and to take breaks from studying to enjoy family time or just go outside for a while to recharge. You can’t absorb anything on a low battery.” Outside of school, Elise enjoys being outside during our incredible Alaskan summers and spends time hiking, kayaking and sitting around a campfire enjoying good company. During the winter, she loves cross country skiing.

Of her MSHF scholarship, Elise says, “Without the MSHF, I can’t say it would have been fully possible to continue my educational goals without the burden of student loans. It’s a fantastic feeling to know that this organization believes that I can do something with my education, and I plan to put it right back into the community.”