Meet MSHF Scholarship Recipient Rachel Carpenter

Rachel is a full-time student pursuing a major in nursing and a minor in psychology from Mat-Su College. She says, “I am very drawn to the variety of career opportunities nursing provides. I am also inspired by my mother who is a licensed nurse practitioner for the PHS.” After completing her programs, she plans to gain experience at one of the local hospitals in the Mat-Su or Anchorage areas, and eventually pursue travel nursing.

Her best tip is to make an organized schedule of assignment due dates and class times that remains at the front of your desk. Rachel says, “Write out your designated study time for each day of the week and stick to it; if you fail to plan – plan to fail!” Outside of school, she spends the majority of her time reading and studying, but she also enjoys hiking, fishing and all the typical outdoor activities familiar to Alaska.

Rachel says of her MSHF scholarship, “Being awarded with my MSHF Scholarship has eased the stress of my journey through education. It is helping me spend less time working for school funds and more time actually studying so I can succeed in school!”

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